Pinky Mice - 1-3g - Pack of 25

Pinky Mice - 1-3g - Pack of 25

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Frozen Rodents are subject to a minimum order of any 5 packs. Please read our order/delivery terms by clicking here.

Pinky Mice - 1-3g - Pack of 25

All of our frozen rodents are 100% bred in the UK under strict welfare standards with a low carbon footprint - our packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Our frozen rodents are classified as Cat 3 Animal-by-Products by Defra and are fully traceable back to the farm.

Pinky Mice are a nutritious food for many snakes and other reptiles.

Frozen Mice are suitable for many species and we recommend using them as part of a mixed diet for your animal - other diet options include Rats, ASF's / Multis, Poultry and Rabbits depending on your animals size.

All of our frozen food is available for next day delivery by noon. 

Our Frozen Mice are available in 6 different sizes.